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weltanschlauung  velt-ahn-shlou-oong


The penis's often extravagantly articulated comprehensive view or image of the universe as little more than a stage for acquisition of vaginal vector.
If arguably a bit cock-eyed, my teenage weltanschlauung often had me comfortably ensconced in nubile trim.
by Mo Dixley February 17, 2010
'Cock and Awe' is the act of wielding the mighty penis to pound pussy with combination of such thunderous force and adroit virtuosity as to elicit incredulous awe from your female partner(s). Claims to have visited Cock and Awe upon a woman are stark declarations of bravura, godlike cocksmanship, and as such are Power Words or Holy Invocations never to be spoken falsely or in jest. As a caveat, Cock and Awe is verifiable medically and even to the casual observer. If you have in fact laid down Cock and Awe upon a woman, her vagina will thereafter autonomically begin to moisten, palpitate and dilate the instant she is in your presence. Even the casual observer might well notice the woman's sudden flared nostrils, crossed eyes, collapse to the floor, rapid combat crawl towards you and frantic clawing at your fly.
Friend: (Smirking) "Duuuude, Amanda's like totally fuckin' apeshit over you! Tiffany told me she was talking to Amanda at the Club last night, and every time Tiffany said your name, Amanda started hopping up and down like some too-eager retarded kid."

Cocksman: (Smugly) "Amanda came over two nights ago, Dude. I had given Amanda the impression she was just comin' over for some quick Catch and Release makin'-out. But the next thing you know, I've got Amanda's fine ghetto-ass bent over the arm of the couch and I'm like balls deep in her laying down some textbook, heavy artillery thundercock. I fucked her for like the next five hours, I kid you not. When we were done, I'm all like looking around the living room and shit, you know? Complete, total war zone, Dude. SweartofuckinGod, there's like pieces of splintered furniture on the carpet, houseplants upended, busted picture frames on the floor, Amanda's panties are in the fish tank and her bra is overhead going 'round and 'round on the ceiling fan. Man! Did I ever lay down the Heavy Meat, Dude! As I'm lookin' around, Amanda's head is on my chest and I notice she's shuddering and fuckin' cooing like a pigeon, sweartofuckinGod. Yep. I think we can safely say I laid down the ol' Cock and Awe on Amanda."
by Mo Dixley June 13, 2008
The ages 13-19, the 'infancy of adulthood' when physical beauty and rude animal health ironically combine with lack of resources, power and wordly wisdom to create an individual of towering self-loathing and monstrous hostility.
Pity the teenanger and remember what it was like to have the metabolism and beauty of a god, the pocketbook of a pauper, the political power of a field slave and the wisdom of a cretin.
by Mo Dixley October 16, 2005
The Barbie Belt is the geographic area that encompasses from coastal Southern California all the way east to Phoenix, Arizona. Famed for the world's highest concentration of gorgeous, suntanned babes with delectable round asses and monster sweatermeat, the Barbie Belt is the universally recognized paradise on earth of upmarket gash.
"This is going to be the best roadtrip ever, Dude! Look! I-5 South, gateway to paradise and the Holy Land of the Barbie Belt!"
by Mo Dixley April 28, 2009
Bed & Blowjob. A seedy hotel. The kind of place that may even rent rooms by the hour. A place you take a chick to solely for sex.
She's totally hot! I took her to that B & BJ over on 42nd and MAN in about two minutes her nostrils were flaring spasmodically in my pubic hair!
by Mo Dixley July 17, 2005
Start-up and later stage funding provided to companies with potential for great gain or risk is typically referred to as venture capitalism. 'Denture Capitalism' captures the fact that venture capitalism is typically funded by elderly plutocrats.
'Sources report that Denture Capitalism kingpin Warren Buffett's interest in Mr. Vokonvov's innovative search engine has helped attract ample funding to the start-up.'
by Mo Dixley July 30, 2012
I saw this word in a chat room in 2003. There it meant a stealthing chatter secretly carrying out the agenda of another- and generally easily recognized- chatter. I believe in the larger sense it has come to mean a person or figurehead who speaks under the direction of another...as though a child's sock toy with someone's armed jammed up their ass.
Why bother listening to Jack? He's like totally Natalie's butt-puppet.
by Mo Dixley December 29, 2005