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A woman with breasts so outrageously large, she appears to be smuggling pumpkins beneath her blouse.
Jeremy:"Check out the chick in produce, Dude! Total pumpkin smuggler!"

Jeremiah:"Dayum! Somebody inventory the pumpkins! Security!"
by Mo Dixley August 24, 2011
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Bed & Blowjob. A seedy hotel. The kind of place that may even rent rooms by the hour. A place you take a chick to solely for sex.
She's totally hot! I took her to that B & BJ over on 42nd and MAN in about two minutes her nostrils were flaring spasmodically in my pubic hair!
by Mo Dixley August 10, 2005
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1. A giant or enormous penis.
2. Literally wrecking pussy with a protracted pounding of thundercock. 'Cock and Awe' fucking.
"I can tell you why Sabrina still has that silly look on her face, Dude. I spent like six hours last night pouring the heavy meat to her."
by Mo Dixley June 13, 2008
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Bidenomics are voodoo woke, anti-American policies that create high domestic unemployment, scarcity, and hardship. The catchphrase of Bidenomics is, "when Biden goes high, America goes skid row." An example of Bidenomics would be when Biden cripples domestic oil production to "Go Green" and America suffers fuel shortages and skyrocketing fuel costs.
"Thanks to Bidenomics, I'm spending hours in Bataan death march-like gas lines behind Joe Six-Packs in F-150s with 50-gallon tanks and wizards in beat-up cargo vans with a dozen 5-gallon cans."
by Mo Dixley May 13, 2021
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"Fellategate" is the scandal and media circus surrounding New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft's alleged solicitation of prostitution. "Fellategate" spins wonderfully off those other notorious Patriots chestnuts "deflategate" and "spygate."

"The DA's office claims to have video tape of Kraft paying for and receiving the sex acts. Attorneys for Kraft claim, "The video does not show the mogul receiving fellatio but rather a kindly septuagenarian allowing a young woman to vigorously rest her head in his lap."
"As if spygate and deflategate weren't enough controversy for New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, we now have the scandal "fellategate," in which Kraft allegedly solicited one or more instances of fellatio at a Florida massage parlor.
by Mo Dixley February 25, 2019
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An obvious oxymoron, 'geek chic' emerges from oxygen deprived hallucination in which geeks evolve into actual existence as a sort of technocracy radiating the holy aura of cool. You will find no more crushing an argument against geek chic than Bill Gates, who despite being the richest man in the world sports an apparent $5 coiffure and birth control glasses.
"You speak of geek chic, let let he who amongst you has an actual example of it speak now."---- Jesus Christ c 23 A.D.
by Mo Dixley August 10, 2005
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Huge SUVs, especially low gas-mileage American SUVs used by Yuppies. The Planet Killer is primarily a commuter vehicle, and is used infrequently to transport offspring to soccer games and ballet practice. Planet Killers have 70 MPH speedometer governors which can only be bypassed by cell phone use. The 4-wheel drive option of the SUV is a sort of vermiform appendix- scientists agree it once had a purpose, but can only speculate as to what it was.
"I sometimes wonder what future historians might say of the Planet Killer SUVs of the 21st Century? Will they say that SUVs were the palanquins of plutocrats borne upon the shoulders of Self-indulgence, Intransigence, Solipsism, and a Wheezing Planet?" Dagrolord, 2006
by Mo Dixley May 22, 2006
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