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'Camnesia' is what occurs after one has done something on webcam one wishes he/she had not- especially beaver shots and self-violation.
Heather was totally claiming camnesia until Justin started posting webcaptures of her with her arm up her snatch. Then Heather just sort of...disappeared.
by Mo Dixley October 07, 2005
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A chatastrophe is any typically sudden, disastrous event that occurs during online chat- whether in chat rooms or private messaging.
Room Two was noted as a peaceable room of cozy fellowship chat amongst civilized habitués. After Room One experienced the chatastrophe of a vengeful bot-loading booter, Room One chatters jumped ship and found their way over to Room Two like so many flotsam-borne rats. This sat uneasily upon the regulars of Two, as the Oners were a virtual rogues gallery of the more virulent personality disorders. In their turn, the Room Two chatters regarded the influx of Oners as a chatastrophe.
by Mo Dixley February 13, 2010
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One is said to have become 'chatatonic' after over-exposure to chat and especially chat rooms. In a chatatonic stupor, the mind becomes numb and body parts stiff and sore. Disjointed, surreal posts are noted from chatatonic chatters and unpleasant personality changes are typical.
Chatters were saying that chat_gnat was chatatonic for much of last week. He was in the room for like 4 days straight... slurping espresso on mic and ranting about Democrats, lesbians and the French.
by Mo Dixley October 07, 2005
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A loosely aligned group of misfits at Columbine High School in the time of the Columbine Shootings. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were members of the Threnchcoat Mafia. Harris and Klebold had advocated 'killing jocks' but ended up doing something wrong instead. 'Trenchcoat Mafia' now indicates any similar group of losers with a patina of simmering menace.
My former academic excellence went into a tailspin in my senior year. I lapsed from all good society and fell in with the school's trenchcoat mafia. We cut class en masse and hung out in the library learning boot code and posing as text lesbians in chat rooms.
by Mo Dixley December 29, 2004
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The ages 13-19, the 'infancy of adulthood' when physical beauty and rude animal health ironically combine with lack of resources, power and wordly wisdom to create an individual of towering self-loathing and monstrous hostility.
Pity the teenanger and remember what it was like to have the metabolism and beauty of a god, the pocketbook of a pauper, the political power of a field slave and the wisdom of a cretin.
by Mo Dixley October 16, 2005
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A 'text lesbian' is a male who poses as a lesbian in chat rooms, ostensibly for the purpose of snuggling up to chicks. The male necessarily remains in 'text' because to voice would give up the game.
I am a bit concerned about Gonzo... the bastard's losin' his balls and is becoming like a total weasel. I caught him posing as a text lesbian in Tattooed Biker Sluts yesterday.
by Mo Dixley July 17, 2005
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A thug who combines ebullient brutality with impassioned assholery.
Columbine forced public school adminstrators to finally pay due attention to bullying. Investigators cited student body testimony that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold had themselves been the frequent victims of schoolyard stooligans.
by Mo Dixley January 07, 2012
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