The number of nearest neighbours of a particle is called cordination number .
There are 4 dimensional co-ordination in the layer of square close packing in a molecule
by ChikuBoy January 13, 2018
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The guy who spunks on the girl's face first during a blow bang
Guy 1 - Dude, you're so lucky to be the cum co-ordinator!

Guy 2 - I know. She got a face full!
by The Bastard of Winterfell April 5, 2017
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n. term for a jazz cigarette enjoyed whilst involved in sports activities.
1"hhmmm my scrabble playing will be greatly improved after a toke on my jazz cigerette"

2"hullet thats not a word"

1"yeah like rude hullet"

2"thats not even how you spell it"

1"it is man"

2"what no way you just made that up"

1"nah man trust i can prove it"

2"go on then"

1"nah serioulsy i got an old coppy off shoot some where"
by anticon February 1, 2005
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the inability to put your hand infront of a webcam on your pc
oh, I must have bad hand-cam co-ordination
by anon9991 April 18, 2011
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