256 definitions by Jesus

A fucking 13 year old loser who sits in his parent's basement and attempts to belittle other people on the internet. Gets one piece of KFC per year, and is quite a bitter soul. Also, can NOT code to save life.
Chaos Knight/lynx | coding.
by Jesus December 21, 2003
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The best college ever, has the best house parties imaginable and women.
better than richmond college
"yeah, i go to esher"
"oh the girls are buff in esher"
by Jesus February 17, 2004
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Get your ass down here, you torpid bag of shit!
by Jesus January 17, 2003
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These kids don't know what a "triple s" is. They have define "The 3 S's". What triple s really means is "She Sucks Standing", meant for a short girl giving head.
Yo, I picked up this triple s last night, it was the first time in a year I haven't heard a girl complain about my carpet burning her knees.
by Jesus January 11, 2004
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a family who'f female members are very attractive, and whos male members do not like it when you bring this up
Daniel's mom is such a MILF
Daniel's sister is fucking hot
by Jesus July 4, 2004
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