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one totaly rad skateboard crew. fun, freinds, art, retardedness and of coarce skateboarding.
milkdust is gnarly
by Jesus December 11, 2003
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A perticularly large poo, one that should it be dropped would register on the richter scale. Often used in the context of stupidity.
A: Oh my god, i cant believe you just ate that browner.

B: That guy just did a browner in my fish pond!
by Jesus March 25, 2004
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The area between the scrotum see "nutsack" and the asshole that prevents one from shitting on his nuts.
That bitch clapped me out and now my durf is on fire
by Jesus January 18, 2003
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ghetto , gay
Combonation of Gay and Ghetto, used by wiggas
Thats fuckin' gaytto!
This is some gaytto shit, son.
by Jesus July 31, 2004
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