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The best college ever, has the best house parties imaginable and women.
better than richmond college
"yeah, i go to esher"
"oh the girls are buff in esher"
by Jesus February 17, 2004
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To go out and replenish your drug supply.
"We've only got a little bud left, but we're about to go re up."
by Jesus November 2, 2003
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Using lesbian relationships as an exploitation for money or fame.
The preformers T.A.T.U are totally using lesploitation for album sales.
by Jesus August 20, 2003
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The most unusual name in the world, and a synonym for "Beauty of God".
"Hey, there's Indraroop - isn't he gorgeous?!!"
by Jesus April 18, 2005
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Bob: Hey Joe wanna hang out?
Joe: Sure, just let me do the 3 S's and I'll swing by.
by Jesus January 11, 2004
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One of the shittest places ever, filled with twats (apart from Perry ) esher is better and the girls are buff.
"i go to richmond"
!Quick let's jump the fucker!"
by Jesus February 17, 2004
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