11 definitions by Adz

When taking your girlfriend from behind whisper in her ear " Your sister likes this too " and see how long u can stay on
by Adz February 3, 2003
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to hoist, to be hoistable, to hoist with enthusiasm
Get a hoist up ya!
by Adz March 6, 2003
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One who's vagina has a forest of pubic hairs.
She has a proper fadge badger. I needed a trim & hedge to clear her pubes
by Adz November 21, 2003
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Incestious offspring who has deformities for the very same reason.
If you are from Ripon, you could be an ear licker
by Adz November 21, 2003
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Another term for well used beef curtains
Her saloon doors were well slack... she'd been around!
by Adz January 22, 2004
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A word used to simulate the sound of inhaling on a reefer/joint.
Pfff... you fragged me, so what! I wasn't even watching..pfff
by Adz February 5, 2004
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The term mosher comes from one that partakes in a mosh pit (the front of a concert a bit of pushing and shoving/dancing)
When this word started out, it was those people that liked there Rave music and it people who had long hair and liked Nirvana was branded as a mosha. Back then (1992-1998)Anyone who was branded a mosha was a minority and Ravers were the majority. This sort of battle has been going for years. Watch Quadrophinia - Mods & Rockers.

However, the younger generation (that were born after 1983) think it is a great word for someone who likes "Nu Metal" And go around calling people fake moshas (or as the spelling was originally "Moshers".
"Oi ya fookin' mosha, cut ya hair!"
by Adz November 21, 2003
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