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(adj) used to describe something as unique or amusing. Similar usage to cool.
UrbanDictionary is spiffy
by Angela October 20, 2001
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Rocking a suit and tie (or other nice outfit with a tie such as with jeans and a vest and tie or khakis with shirt and tie) for an occasion or for no reason
*Matt, in a suit and tie
Random Girl: Wow! You look real spiffy! Whats the occasion?
Matt: No reason. Just woke up and felt like putting on a suit and tie after listening to suit and tie.
by Random user May 03, 2017
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A way of expressing something of greatness.

To show happiness, apreciation/acception.

"That's a Spiffy jacket you got on there." said Fred.
"I got it from my girlfriend," said Bill.
"Spiffy," said Fred.
by themaster408 February 21, 2003
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(Adj.)1. Neat or interesting. (can also mean cool) 2. Of a good or pleasant nature.
Used in 21st-century America by strange, offbeat teens.
Dudemna, look over there! Is that squirrel not THE spiffiest thing...ever!?
by Borden May 23, 2004
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Derivitive of the British word 'Spiffing'. A fun/cute way of expressing general satisfaction with a thing/situation/person.
"Oh Jane! You're so spiffy!"

"I got some new boots yesterday. They are spiffy!"

"Ah...everythings so SPIFFY today"
by Kia September 16, 2003
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