A cool green guy from an old 'claymation' TV show. He is made of clay.
"Oh no, Gumby! We have to save him!"
by unknown October 16, 2003
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My manager put the spoons in the holder wrong- Again! He's such a flipping gumby!!!
by SammyDresden September 30, 2010
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A person that walks around thinking they are a bad ass, while really they just look stupid. An ugly/goofy looking person. A word for non-athletes that think highly of themselves; this word is commonly used among college athletes who see people trying to impress people with their "athleticism". Basically, it is a term for people who are just downright goofy in general.
Who was the gumby you were with last night? That dude should never be around a girl like you!
by Hukanoobi October 17, 2011
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Gumby is a another word/reference used for marijuana. Due to ones own personal pleasure of his/her marijuana, you would refer to your weed as Gumby due to its high quality.
Let's go pick up some gumby tonight.
All we about to do is smoke that gumby.
by CAP24 October 10, 2013
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"Hey cool gumby. It totally fits you."

by SonyaNicole November 24, 2009
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Something considered to be off-beat or an unusual behavioral act.
That guys hair is gumby.
by Marko Siklich June 16, 2008
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