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1. friend, pal, compatriot, someone you don't know the name of, someone you don't want to tell the name of

2. close friend, pal, compatriot

3. used to describe budding fungi, or any other thing that... buds.
Buddy's keeping The Notebook captive again.

How 'bout that buddy yeast....
by miso December 02, 2003

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1. exclamation or cheer, with suicidal tendancies; synonyms: banzai, here goes, wooo, oh crap

2. possibly from Chiricahua Apache leader's name, who was against the U.S. government and raided Mexican and American settlements in 1876-1886.
GERONIMO!!! *jumps out window*
by miso December 02, 2003

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One of the best RPG games of all time. it's setting is a post nuclear world in which the reamining people are trying to live life anew. you may choose to beat the game in any order or pattern you want. each time you play it you discover new secrets, quests and ways of beating the game. it may be old but the graphics are not what this game is about. it has probably the most unique and cleverly written story that i have ever seen in a computer game. the writers at Interplay and Black Isle did an amazing job at keeping the plot steady yet full of unusual twists. this game is must have for RPG lovers out there.
Me: "Fallout 2 may be old but I still play it"
Friend: "Get a job"
by MIso June 21, 2006

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1. Fictional main character in Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

2. Spot or other thingy on a card, domino, or die

3. Little seeds
3. I got pips stuck in my teeth.
by miso November 27, 2003

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1)Son of Skyline
2)Fastest pocket rocket money can buy
3)Honda Killer
by MiSo October 02, 2003

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1. trash, crap, junk, and the like

2. a clothing brand created by people with a lot of nerve (spiffarific, you!)
1. Get that rubbish out of this house mister, or i'll whop you with my spatula!
2. I have Rubbish shirts.
by miso November 27, 2003

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short for "subtitle" as in foreign films
I prefer subs over dubs.
by miso November 26, 2003

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