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Someone with little or no co-ordination or common sense and lacks any talent or potential to do anything but fuck everything up.
i cant believe you just destroyed all life on earth. all i asked you do was flush the toilet! your such a gumby!
by Scotty March 21, 2004

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the act of sticking ones dick into a girls mouth right after anal sex
I gave the 2 dollar hoe a rusty nail last night
by scotty June 30, 2003

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lead singer of slipknot. a great musician and artist. probably the best singer of his style i have heard, (closely followed by disturbeds signer and james hettfeild from metallica) has a very unique metal voice that nobody can match, and sings well too
wow that corey taylor dude is the best singer ive ever heard
by scotty April 25, 2004

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Verb: To examine in more detail, to take a closer look at.
Me: 'Yo, let's go scope out those honeys over there!'
You: 'Okay.'

Me: 'Jones, go scope out that position for enemy activity.'
Jones: 'Roger that.'
by Scotty May 10, 2004

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v. A style of breakdancing which involves short, rapid movement of the arms and legs (popping), combined with brief pauses between movements. Sometimes accompanied with subtle foot movements known as 'gliding' in which the breaker appears to move around the floor without using/lifting their legs.
Me: Yo! Check it out! There's some B-Boys poppin' and lockin' over there!
You: Hot damn! Let's go scope it out!
by Scotty June 30, 2004

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This has been used in the North East of Scotland for decades
Onions are minging!
by Scotty April 30, 2003

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fucking arse licking bastards who dont even live in manchester but brag about their team winning the premiership
"you fuckimg manchester cunt"
by scotty May 14, 2003

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