1.A really hot girl that has an excellent figure, a lot of class, and an extreamely friendly demeanor.
2.Someone with good luck.
Dude, check out Irina, she has got it going on!
by Not so super DJ Gennady January 17, 2003
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The act of inner-city athletes declaring for the draft before their senior year in college.
-"Did you hear Jamal's brother got arrested for selling crack?"
-"Oh snap! And his sister just had her third kid too."
-"Damn dawg. After that bowl game, Jamal gots-to-go!"
by The Koosh December 13, 2009
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A annoying catchphrase said by that ball of blue fluff sonic
Sonic: got to go fast ! (Races of into the distance)
Tails: fuck of.
by r3.1n November 5, 2016
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little markie boy decides to unzip his pants in a skype call with a girl in the call and says guys i got to go and leaves the call to bust a nut. now kaleb and marissa turned this into a meme and it will never get old. nd we will never stop saying this ever. yours truly - marissa
"unzips pants guys i got to go"
by Rektro September 8, 2017
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