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noun - shitting oneself, to shart, particularly during an endurance sport, such as an Ironman triathlon.
as in "to do a Glover" e.g "look at the state of his shorts, he's only gone and done a Glover"
by the humbleironman November 21, 2014
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It is synonymous with wounded soldier. Can be used as an adjective, noun or verb.

It is when someone opens another beer when there is a small amount of beer left in their bottle/can and claim that it is only backwash and hops left in the beer.
Verb - "You just glovered that beer, go finish it before you start a new one"

Noun - "There is a little glover left in that beer"

Adjective - "Check out that glovery beer. Someone can't drink"
by DrDoitchbig January 03, 2010
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someone who is impotent and get random erections at any time, searches for new girlfriends on msn and grinds on his best friend (MALE).
if you come on across mr G-lover, STAY THE FUCK AWAY!!! he might hit you with his hard on.
person 1: hello mr G-lover, how are you?



G-lover: oh its just my uncontrollable erectional disfuction.
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A Conservative Party defense mechanism which attempts to deny knowledge of people, places, or things that they have been called onto national television to discuss. A glover was first employed by CPC member of parliament Shelly Glover on Power and Politics, when she stated that she "didn't know" who Tom Flanagan was to deflect his critique of her Supreme Leader, PM S.J. Harper.
Person no.1: Tom Flanagan is a Canadian I understand
Person no.2: Oh quit pulling a Glover, you know exactly who Tom Flanagan is.
by rickrollinger February 09, 2010
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The act of spooning someone, but one person's flipped head-to-toe, so that your privates are hitting the back of their neck and their ass is in your face.
I just glovered my girlfriend while watching TV on the couch, I wish she wouldn't have eaten beans before I stuck my head around there.
by WordCurator January 19, 2010
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1. A gay lover.
2. A man who is best friends with a woman who he is not and will never be attracted to but deeply loves and adores her. Is usually very knowledable on the subject of beauty, fashion, and new trends.
Kiki: Lydia I saw your Facebook, you're engaged?!

Lydia: (chuckles) He's my glover, silly! I mean did you see his profile picture? The man has better hair than I do!
by I<3Elephants October 20, 2010
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