A sexy strong sensitive woman who is straightforward and honest. A person who makes a great friend. Loyal almost to a fault, funny thoughtful and loving. She would be someone you want on your side. Protective may be her middle name and she will always stand up for herself and what she believes.
Man I was feeling attacked and went all Trish on the guy!
by GuyInYourCloset February 3, 2010
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A very beautiful girl, that has brown hair and green eyes. typically has several guys around her at a time and makes friends easily. people easily love her.
Trish is the shit! I wish I could be like her...
by itswhnisay August 24, 2008
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The act of getting through, being a boss at anything. The Driven Culture family
DC a Trish we Trish!
by Bill Saleem February 21, 2016
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To neaten up or make clean
I want to trish my locker before the end of the year.
by Kopious February 11, 2012
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A blonde haired green eyed woman who is down to earth, loyal, and extremely smart. People called Trish are the best kinds of people.
Have you met that beautiful, amazing girl over there? She's a Trish.
by Redhineymonkey2 January 24, 2017
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