excessive vertical, the ability to jump very high, preferably in a hoop game
chick: " yo check out dwayne, he gots some mad hops"! "He just flushed one on tyrone".
by marky marc from tha burgh March 28, 2003
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generic term for the person you are addressing
"I got no time to sit and flip and pop bullshit
Turn up your stereo, hops, insert the rhyme clip" - Ice-T, Pulse of the Rhyme
by Jax June 18, 2006
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Brewers use hops, a small bitter flowering plant, to provide a counterbalancing aroma and taste to beer. The basic idea is not unlike what you would find in a good wine. As you drink, the malty beer washes over your tongue, bringing you body and sweetness. As you swallow, the hops hit the bitter taste buds in the back of your mouth, serving as a tonic, leaving (hopefully) a refreshing taste.
You hate beer — if you do hate beer — because most of the beers you've tried are unbalanced. All you can taste is hops. And with nothing to balance them, hops taste nasty.
by Keael January 5, 2006
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To be able to jump high, is very agile veritically. Most commonly used in basketball.
Man, does he have hops!!! Did you see how high he got up to dunk that ball.
by Rob c June 1, 2004
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A early to mid 1990's term originated out of New York City Hip Hop culture used to greet or refer to someone.

A term of endearment.
Grand Puba (Of Brand Nubians) Track (2)on "Reel To Reel" Album /Release Date: 1992: Track (2) 2nd Verse

- " Girbaud hanging baggy Hilfiger on the top napsack on my back that's just my flavor hops. "
by Ron Muller July 9, 2006
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Like ops, except a hop is only a half-op.
<luser> ops plz.
<op> No.
<luser> hops then?
<op> No.
by Haddock August 17, 2005
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A word used to express what sound a rabbit makes.
Parent: What sound does a dog make?
Child: Woof, woof!
Parent: What sound does a rabbit make?
Child: Hop-hop, hop-hop.
by ThePurpleMage March 1, 2009
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