Something you can learn when you are very young or very old or even in between.
You shouldn't be his chloscar otherwise Grahl's parents will kill you.
by your werst nightmare January 21, 2003
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*incest* when a farther fucks his son, somthing slim gives his son jahn, can occur anywhere.
"lessons master bedroom 10 minites jahn"
"eeeeeeeeee yes dad"
by cody and rich January 27, 2004
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What the school claims are necessary to learn so as not to become a MOREon.
I slaved my a** off through long LESSons of studying all those boring textbooks in school during my teen years, yet nowadays as an adult I occasionally still get called a MOREon.
by QuacksO May 31, 2019
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Even if such people let themselves be lessoned, even then there would be some stooping involved.
by Cruel_to_b_Kind May 16, 2005
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Woah there my guy, you can't go on saying stuff like saxophone lessons, that's not very appropriate of you.
by theromanticpiano October 25, 2020
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A lesson token is a scam or rug pull in the crypto space that’s easily identified if you read the white paper. Often people fall for multiple lesson tokens before realizing how much money they have lost. Not everyone takes the time to do proper research and leaves it up to influencers on Twitter Spaces. This term was coined by @SlimeOnTheBlock on twitter
I’ve fallen for so many lesson tokens i think crypto is all a giant ponzi.
by SlimeOnTheBlock February 11, 2023
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When a female asks a male for drum lessons, she is usually implying that she wants to perform sexual acts with that male.
"Hey Tom, Can you teach me how to play the drums?" Tom: "Helll yeeah, ill give you Drum Lessons"
by LarryLove March 1, 2009
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