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Used to express pleasure or contentment--not necessarily related to food.
Mmm, I love it when we snuggle...
by Ingeborg S. NordΓ©n August 26, 2004
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When you are texting your friend and you have nothing to add to the conversation but you want them to feel acknowledged.
Friend: I don't know how to feel!
You: Mmm
by HunterKitty July 20, 2017
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The feeling of express yourself to the awareness the a situation at hand or around for there of is intense
Mmm the shit is deep
by DeAndre L. Moorer Jr. May 24, 2018
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what u say when your happy or agree wiht someone....
u: thats cool
me: mmm!!
u: mmmmm!!
by urmomma!!!! March 31, 2003
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Word used by Homer Simpson when thinking of something tasty
MMM! doughnuts
MMM! forbidden donut
MMM! beer
MMM! open-faced club sandwich
MMM! 64 slices of American cheese
MMM! incapacitating
by jvlehigh March 14, 2003
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