the number of human existence and everything within it
1"i dont understand life so well right now..."
2"dude, 483"
by Tayyyytar May 23, 2008
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I love YOU!
I want to be with YOU!
Even given the current situation, I can’t give up… I may just have to be more patient for our someday!!!

There are things I don’t understand, I have questions; but I am not going to ask them because I fear the answers.

I will wait until my last breath for our someday.
When you are on a number I can’t figure out..
Really trying not to over analyze.. i kinda feel you have read something that wasn’t me.. could be wrong though.
by Loving you I will always do!!! January 14, 2023
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If you find a girl under 18 years old alone outside, you can claim it. You will then own her.
(But think before to do that, you would need to feed her and more...)
Guy 1 : Hey look ! There is a girl alone there !
Guy 2 : Rule 483 ! It's mine !
by Hidden person lol June 21, 2021
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