Guy who is sexy and Overall a good person and sweet guy who’s the total package. Smart, athletic, sweet, and loyal and don’t cheat and great in bed and have a Monster in his pants
Dude 1/ have you seen or talk to Anderson?
Dude 2/ nope he probably went out with his girl
by Jamecooper May 8, 2018
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someone who has extordinary strength and is uber cool. Often confused with the hulk, hercules, or superman
If you work out long enough you will get as big as anderson
by will whiteside January 7, 2008
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the best diddly darn cowboy you'll ever seen
by stonkerson August 16, 2020
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Anderson is a socially awkward and antisocial guy.He commonly says the wrong things in public usually making awkward situations even more away ,but is still a very fun,loving,caring guy that doesn't let anything get in the way of what he wants and put others needs before his.
Omg did he just say that!

What can u expect hes an Anderson.

He's really loving.

He's an Anderson of course he is .
by Band_trash June 12, 2017
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A popular slang-name in the UK for a Vodka & Red-Bull alcoholic drink.
by PUNX-UK May 1, 2011
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a sexy beast. often horny. loves sexual fantasies! most likely a non-virgin before marriage. HAWT! Loyal and understanding. beautiful
guy: dude i heard heard she had sex!

guy2: no surprise shes an ANDERSON
by cocopuffs666 June 13, 2011
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Anderson is without a doubt the greatest house at Bayfield High School. No other house compares.
Wow they are really good at that. "They must be in Anderson"
by JekPorkins April 19, 2011
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