Any beer at a party than has been abandoned by it's owner.
Dale was holding back the vomit after killing off the wounded soldiers left over from his "don't ask, don't tell" party.
by A-row May 27, 2003
a drink left a friend's house that has not been fully finished.
Dude, he left wounded soldiers all over the place at the party last night.
by ferracattack February 26, 2011
A wounded soldier is a coworker that can not complete any task without requiring the help of another coworker. Not to be confused with a new guy these people are simply chronically lazy, needy and indecisive people with small brains.

A wounded soldier takes one or two other people out of the fight in order to help them
Kurt is the definition of a wounded soldier, when the boss gives him a job to do he always needs my help and takes me away from my own damn work.
by funkmattsterflex March 28, 2020
When you are getting a HandJob, BlowJob, or have Sex and right when you are about to Blow you stand up and shoot your load on the back of her knee. When she gets up she doesnt want it to run so she drags her one leg, when shes doing the walk of shame to the bathroom, then you yell wounded soldier
I was getting head and i wounded soldiered this girl
by CALU2008 February 3, 2010
A man's penis that has a fissure, or broken skin as a result of too much sex. Occurs after vigorous masturbation to some.
I was on a mission last nigt, maneuvering for over three hours. This morning I noticed my wounded soldier.
by Budzilla August 24, 2006
A term describing an unfinished beer that is just left to die. Most commonly found at college or high school parties. It is generally frowned upon to leave a wounded soldier as it is a waste of a beer.
That chick left like three wounded soldiers last night. I had to kill them all because we leave no man behind.
by MattSizzle May 31, 2011
Plural of wounded soldier. Large quantities of wounded soldiers are often discovered in the aftermath of a party that someone notorious for McGanning beers has attended.
1. Dude, who was McGanning beers last night? There are wounded soldiers everywhere.
by w3bz November 21, 2007