1) Acronym of Gay Man Sex
2) Often used as an interjection, similar to "damnit" and "fuck."
1) That was some hot GMS we had right there.
by Wandle Shaytham October 12, 2004
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GMS aka Guy Menstrual Period. Same thing as PMS but for Guys. Usually the guy is very irritable, will get mad over the smallest issue or will be more emotional then usual.
Chris: Dude watch out for scott for the next few days he has a serious case of GMS.
Scott: Thanks for the warning I was just about to tell him i had sex with his sister.
Chris: That would be a big mistake he would ether kill you or cry for the rest of the night.
by bigreese November 09, 2009
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G.M.S. is an acronym meaning Gargle My Sack
Used often in the VisEffex community of Savannah GA.
It is generally used retort for any unnecessary comment and or action.
"Wow! My grandma can model faster then you."
"Really? Cuz your grandma can G.M.S."
by derpindicktionary November 08, 2011
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Girl. im not cooking tonight.
Boy. How about you gms and gtf in the kitchen.
by Evil_monkey0_0 October 15, 2010
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Abbreviation for "Guilty Mom Syndrome," a wonderfully flexible term which refers to the syndrome of mothers of young children feeling guilty about their inadequacies and trying to blame the world, but also to onlookers who wonder if that guilt would not be better addressed if the mothers would take responsibility for their own unhappiness.
~ "Doreen just bought Honey Bee another boatload of toys. Now she complains she can't pay the phone bill."
~ "Chalk it up to a very bad case of GMS."
by al-in-chgo August 30, 2018
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After Laurie sent me the pic of buster in a birthday hat I sent a text back that said GMS.
by Teenimeeni January 30, 2011
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