A saying that means "i cannot handle this" or, "wow". A saying that shows disblelief.
girl 1 "that skinny girl was all like 'omg im so fat' "
girl 2 " (rolls eyes) i cant"

example 2
jan "did you see her facebook status? she wrote about how she's so hot and everyone wants her"
karen "ugh i cant bro"
by ican December 08, 2010
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Meaning your not going to do something
usually in stressful situation.
"man she want me to lick her too, i cant go"
by Im me from the b January 05, 2009
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Another way of saying I dont know.
I was gone try 2 see if she wanted to come 2 da house 2night... But I cant tell it...
by Kae-Cee November 06, 2009
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When your respiratory system is not functioning correctly
George: I cant breath
Derek: *helps*

if you can't breath call 911 or get help from anyone near you
by gauxapen March 22, 2021
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when in water, This person is drowning, save them. When out of water, this person is calling you're bullshit, because you're lying.
1st guy- "I love my job and helping others in this hospital"

2nd guy- "me too, i'm such a tool"

3rd guy- "I cant swim"
by Turin May 28, 2008
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