A GM always believes "Ban" means just a 3 day suspension for real griefers.
Mutumbo, Msjenny, Zekial, etc.
by Joenyc February 12, 2005
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Global Maple Story - the version of that is of North America but is meant for everybody in the world who don't have their own region version
each region in the world has it's own version of maple story but the regions who doesn't have play in the GMS version.
by Sims Cartooni May 07, 2008
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“Give me some”
“Omg I’m so horny can u gms?”
by Djejsjrnncjsnveekgd December 23, 2018
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Gay Male Syndrome - the phenomenon where straight male or female exhibits behaviors that are normally seen in gay men. For example, offering design advice, desire for multiple sex partners (preferably in police or firefighter uniforms), and obsessing about going to the gym.
My friend Stacy was telling me that she stopped eating, doesn't want children, decided vodka tastes delicious and wants to screw an anonymous 25 year old. I said "Girl, sounds like you have GMS!"
by pauldonyc January 12, 2011
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GMS stands for good man syndrome. When a person does something good for you or just in general he is a good man. But when he repeatedly does something for you he has good man syndrome.
That bartender gave me another free shot, he's got GMS.
by dangler-mcdangles July 26, 2011
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