The most amazing guy ever, He is kind, caring, and knows how to treat somebody...
He is so amazing, he is griffen.
by peachy97 June 27, 2011
A really sweet guy, but sometimes a faggot. He can always make you laugh and has a huge dong. He's also very good looking and fun to be around.
Friend: Hey Griffen

Griffen: GUHHHH
by DankFagSHit April 24, 2017
The coolest, sexiest, most amazing guy you’ll ever meet. He has amazing hair and beautiful lips. He can play the saxophone and he is an incredible artist. He’s the kind of guy you see and immediately get a stiffy. You’ll find your eyes are drawn to a Griffen as he is irresistible to look at. His smile is so cute it’ll make a new born puppy commit suicide. If you have a Griffen in your life, you’ll dream about him at least once a week. You’ll do anything for him, from licking his toes to bending over so he can fuck your ass. When a Griffen leaves, you’ll be completely devastated. You’ll feel empty. Nothing else will matter. When Griffen leaves, god is dead. You’ll wish that you had talked to him more. You’ll wish you had just one more moment alone with him. Griffen is the reason society hasn’t fallen into shambles. What’s even worse than when a Griffen leaves you is when you are forced to leave a Griffen. When you leave a Griffen, you won’t want to die, you will have already died. When you leave a Griffen, mercy will be begging for your soul.
Oh God… there’s Griffen… I think I just came a little.

Person one: I can’t stop thinking about my dream last night

Person two: What’d you dream about?

Person one: I dreamed Griffen tied me to his bed and fucked my brains out

Person two: Oh God… Griffen? I wish I could dream about him
by GrDen May 7, 2022
When you beat a game or reach a high level in a day or two.
Guy 1: Yo i pulled off a Griffen yesterday.
Guy 2: What?
Guy 1: I got to level 50 on runescape in a day.
by Name187 November 27, 2011
The best gymnast alive. Talented, buff, and beautiful. Made of muscle.
Griffen will win the championships!
by lulu habooboo May 31, 2010
Griffen is the best person you will ever meet. You’re lucky to ever have a person like that in your life. They are funny, cute, intelligent, interesting, caring, charming, sincere, respectful, trustworthy, badass, astonishing, loyal, determined, thoughtful, sociable, respectful, and so much more that it would take me a lifetime to list. This guy is like no other. You can never be mad or sad around him, as he will always put a smile on your face. He is the complete opposite of a fake friend, he is the type of person in which when you develop a bond with them, you will be inseparable. He is always willing to help you out, but will never miss a chance to poke fun at you. He loves to joke around and act playful. His aspect of life is open and adventurous. His inviting personality makes everyone jump at the chance to be his friend. He has big feet,(you know what they say about big feet)is tall, and has a voluptuous booty. He sometimes says questionable things,(as in sussy) but his remarks will always make you laugh. He has big luscious lips that will tempt you to snatch a smooch. If you have a Griffen, treasure them with all your heart! You are truly fortunate.

Griffen!NyNy loves you
Griffen is so nice I want to be his friend.
by NyNy20 April 20, 2022
Griffen- To expell the entire contents of you mouth and nasal cavity (snot) in a 2ft 220 degree radius of the direction he or she is facing when they Griffen. Griffening is usually enduced by laughter or extreme shock.
He tried not to griffen but when I called him a government test monkey he couldn't hold it in.
by Admirizal March 6, 2006