The biggest pussies on the face of the earth. Claim to be "tough" and "gangsta" and "from the streets", but truly, they are cowards. If they aren't, why in the hell do they need at least 5 of their friends to fight?

If they don't have at least 5 of their friends, they need a knife or some other type of weapon. And the sad thing is kids that aren't from the ghetto think it's cool to mimic these parasites of society. Thanks alot MTV. Do go fuck yourself. You've been fucking everybody else for a long time.
Gang members hopefully have a special pit reserved for them in hell.
by Adrian June 6, 2006
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A phrase used when preppy people are trying to fit in with ghetto people.
Oh my gosh my homie, you totally put a cap into their ass, that is so gang member.
by Charity Lee January 16, 2009
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A chick that loves the cock hardcore, she will eat your cock all night. You may smash this bitch over the face with a sledge hammer, because hey, shes a whore.
Hey Tony! Look at the Gang Member Big Pete picked up, remarked Steve.
by manjares September 10, 2008
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Made up of high school losers stuck in there emo faze. Usually can’t have a commited relationship, most likely works at McDonald’s and bums cigs off of teens that come in. Rides their bmx bike in the winter saying that its cool
Dude1: Have you seen those bmx gang members?
Dude2: Yeah, one at McDonald’s trued to bum cigs off me
by Mlgquickscopingwarrior69 November 28, 2017
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The haircut that is given by an H&H barber that represents as a mowy with hair heading upwards.Particulary Rossi's would use this dew cut.
Adam's hair looks like a tiawanese gang members haircut would look like.
by Munni June 24, 2008
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Sur 13 gang members that represent the south side 13 but instead of reppin crips they rep bloods
Them Beaumont TX. sur 13 gang members are reppin dat true hood and colors
by .:X3409mexicanX3:. September 15, 2007
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Where anybody can be anything but a real gang banger mp highschool has a bunch of those. Some of them smoke weed or do crack and say their apart of a gang. They were red all the time or blue it depends on how they feel but one big gang is called BBS or big bamboozle shii.
Ex: “ I can’t take mount pleasant high school gang members serious” said by one of the students attending this bullshit ass school
by Clean your base boards January 13, 2022
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