Known as Griffen Matt Syndrome, this is were you repeat somthing that has just been said without knowing/realizing it had/has been said.
Wow, GMS, i cant believe i just said that right after you.
by Matt March 01, 2005
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1. Idiots who think just because a bunch of 60's are in Plane of Desease, they are evil and must ban them.

2. So called game policemen that think a three day suspension will give greifers just what they need. Keep dreaming!

3. What Zekial isn't.

4. Idiots who don't do their job even a fourth of the time.

5. Something that not every server has, not that it would do any good anyway.
In the case of going afk for 3 minutes to go to the bathroom when soloing.

GM: You are afk xping and must be taken care of.

*You have died*

You have killed a Kappa Elite. You gain 4002183 experience. 2001041 experience has been put into your 1238583 of experience debt.
by Joseph Whitestone February 15, 2005
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“good morning {streaks}” on {snapchat}
someone sent you a snap that just says “gms” early in the morning.
via giphy
by kindaleem K March 27, 2018
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A school where the kids are mad dumb. There are lots of furries at this school. It's also referred to as Gay-ms
Made by someone at gms.
Gms- a school thats dumbbbbb
Jim- You see that furry over there!?
Conor- yea, I bet they're from cms
Jim- Dont you mean Gay-ms
by your dad 😽 November 02, 2019
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