v. a state of extreme happiness, excitement, or joyfulness
Everything is just so awesome. I'm bursting.
by Paoli July 27, 2011
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Having a large inflow of money.
Man this rap money got my pockets full of stacks, best believe a nigga bursting.
by Copythatagentk February 3, 2011
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-Pinging off pills, the result of the action of taking ecstasy pills having no jaw and eyes bulging and sweat drippings. All round good time.
"Yo stevo i'm well burst"
"ye mate"
by Baz420 March 2, 2017
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When a guy has a load waiting and he just wants to let it off on anyone he can - He's feeling Burstful.
Tommy: "Damn, Steph you should prepare your face because I am feeling rather burstful today"
by That guy that told you so. August 19, 2009
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Something that you're legally obliged to say when you see an epic video about casting ingots
Woah, that was an epic bursting burst!
by Le epic biggie cheese December 1, 2019
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When you make someone burst it means giving them a compliment that’s so good they spasm.

Also could be , bursting, or bursted.

Most people really love to burst and get bursted
julia made cameron burst

Janice: Please
Karen: No that’s weird
Janice: Just let me do it karen
Karen: fine janice just make it quick
Janice: *licks eyeball*

by peytonisburstingrightnow October 22, 2017
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break suddenly and violently apart, spilling the contents.
Girlfriend: *holds her belly in agony*
Me: What is wrong?
Girlfriend: I feel like I'm about to burst!
Me: *freaks out* Oh God! *runs*
by vincentupsdellred December 10, 2016
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