A girl who is funny and nice, who is hot-tempered, but is sweet and trusting on the inside. She is very cute and charming, who will stand for her opinion. Very down to earth. It may come down rude or mean, but she isn’t on the inside! Very Pure-minded
Boy 1: Wow, that Laurie is funny!

Boy 2: She seems rude and mad to me

Boy 1: She’s still cute though!
by Musical-Queen March 12, 2018
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A very beautiful, intelligent, and amazing young lady. Charming young men are bewitched by her loveliness.
Random charming young man: That Laurie is truly breathtaking! I think I have been bewitched, body and soul. Gee, I also think I am in love with her!
by Lovely_3521 August 20, 2009
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an incredibly beautiful young woman who can be found mostly in DuPage County, Illinois. She is bright, hardworking, and has a very sexy voice.
wow you should see this girl in my night class at COD....she must be a Laurie!
by TheKingOfPalos September 6, 2008
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a woman with a big heart and knobby knees, a big smile with sweet kisses.
dude you got lauried!
by weber dic tionary August 12, 2011
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A pretty girl who loves to have a good time. Generally has a great body and kickin' legs, best paired with curly hair. Has a bunch of friends and is a funny drunk.

Talk to a Laurie and realize shes not just hot, she's smart too. Get into her pants and she will rock your world.
"Damn, did you see that babe walkin down the street?"

"Yeah, shes so hot her name must be Laurie."
by HollaAtMe960465 February 19, 2010
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Laurie is a name for a guy who is really sweet and caring and really fucking cute and has a POPPING body.
Elis : "Did you see that guy?"
Keira : " No."
Elis : " Oh he was such a Laurie. "
by DoraTheExploreYou November 17, 2018
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Short for Laurence. In other words, not your sister's or girlfriend's name.

Typically a big hearted Irishman (or Italian) who fills a room with his charismatic energy, has a gift for the gab and the tendency to say, "give us another one", most often meaning: a drink, a joke, a song or a kiss.

An affable man with great intellect, quick wit and the ability to laugh at himself.

The kindest man you could know.
Laurie, what a guy.

That Laurie on the other side of the room is five pints in and tells a pretty lame joke but man, he can sing, and his kisses are as smooth as scotch and honey.

Saw a brilliant Laurie at the comedy club the other night. Dude, he kept laughing his own ass off.

Laurie? Yeah, I know him. Totally dece.
by gracekelly2012 January 1, 2012
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