A word often used in a flirty manner or as a substitute for a more serious gesture such as love. Saying "you're so silly" can be used as a substitute to stop yourself from saying "I love you" too early or saying it when both people are not there yet.
Boy: (doing or saying something sweet, funny, etc.)
Girl: You're so silly :)
by SouthernBelle2 December 26, 2013
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Stupidly adorable; Stupid in an adorable way.
Alauna: Roses are red; Violets are blue; Where was I going with this; Refigerator
Me: You're silly<3
by Yoursilly June 11, 2012
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A word you use for someone who is always making people laugh by what they say and always making jokes..usually happens with people by the the name of Joel.
by JejejejejejEJe April 9, 2012
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When a male gets an Erection for no reason. It basically means a random boner .
Example: I got a Silly in Math class today thinking about that food I had for dinner last night.
by S dog February 17, 2018
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Silly is a nickname given to someone who looooves to spill tea and start beef. Silly is also another name for a horse who has disabilities. Being called silly can also mean you are just a freak of nature or failure you will never know.
Silly, quit starting beef with everyone.
Once again silly spilled the tea.
Hey quit being a sellout silly.

Oh nahhhh there’s that boi silly.
by That1pintobean November 30, 2018
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A word used in place of words such as:
- stupid
- dumb
- ridiculous
- funny (in a weird way)
*Kid starts throwing shit *

Kindergarten Teacher: "Oh, you are sooo silly, Bobby!"
by leschoristes354 March 16, 2010
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Correct definition:
weak-minded or lacking good sense; stupid or foolish: a silly writer.
absurd; ridiculous; irrational: a silly idea.
stunned; dazed: He knocked me silly.
Guy: Wanna go on a date?
Girl: You're so silly.
Guy: Is that a yes?
Girl: NO.
by Grey6116 September 2, 2012
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