A spirit is a ghost you can see and sense. You can sense these if you have somewhat of a sixth sense (psychic), but really it depends on how much you can feel and how much the spirit projects. Comes in ball, shadow or full detail form.
Spirits can be seen and sensed.
by Parapsychologist February 15, 2015
A very wonderful & beautiful girl who is misjudged by her enemies. Very beautiful, looks evil but is the mist wonderful girl. Most commonly named a goddess , gives the best advice. Stays loyal to her friends & man. There will be 30% chance that anyone could ever find a Spirit like this one, this is one is the most special. Very manipulative to those who upset her & is very very very Confident on things she says. GET YOU A SPIRIT
by that girl_24 November 21, 2016
A brave, leader-like, caring, stubborn, careful, smart, level-headed, sarcastic girl who looks out for her family at all times.
Spirit: Grace your right! Nate behind you! Liu, help out Mitch!!
by Ōku March 9, 2018
A Mars rover sent by NASA to Mars in 2003, landing in Gusev Crater. Designed to search for evidence of water.
"Spirit is just fine, it's not dead."
by Patteroast January 27, 2004
A beautiful girl who looks evil, and is evil. Although she does not give good advice, you should always seek her advice and do the opposite. There is a 0% chance that you will find anyone like her, so stay close, stay close and stay close. She has an obsession with fat chonks, so do bonk her every other day. Anyway, happy birthday to our future doc.
I want to be like the Spirit, to be with thee whithersoever thou goest.
by helicopter helicopterr November 29, 2021
lol .. who would down thumb a post about working in love and light with spirit?

Non believer of course … each to their own

But what do you believe ?

Lights out ? Nothing beyond this … you can’t believe in healing .. twin flames ? God even ? Source energy? Elohim ?











Hate ?

If you can explain yourself better go for it

But in the shadows you will remain

Maybe I have clairvoyance too now ?

Or maybe I just know …. How much this light burns … and you make it as a clear as night and day
Spirit ….

Btw Twinnie .. why haven’t we made it you ask ?? See Above … and we both know all this .. the me being followed (assume the same happened to you from what you posted) predated my responses or even finding this …

Assume this is the person who you were speaking too that was pretending to be me ..
by LetsTalkAboutX January 11, 2023
One of the better guilds from the popular mmorpg - Ragnarok Online, resides on the game server Loki. Created through bad leadership and lies of Evil. A Revolutionary Guild. Can be found at the corner of the streets of Prontera getting stoned.
1337_Novice: "Have you seen Peachi lately?"

Hulk_Hogan: "Omfg!!!1111 LUNO got another one!!!"
by Anarchist July 19, 2004