194 definitions by Michelle

The livest hood in da nasty nati a.k.a my hood
E-town is my hood fuck any otha hood.
by Michelle April 20, 2004
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Used to get food out of you teeth! Or they make gr8 pressies for your friends if your weird
Would you like a toothpick for xmas???
by Michelle December 12, 2003
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being Stupid, or crazy when what you say doesn't make any sense.
You were trippin dog.
by Michelle February 21, 2004
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When you are both sobbing and laughing simultaniously. A serious condition, especially in public.
I was sitting there, crying, and i saw my reflection. BAM. i got the stepahnies
by Michelle January 10, 2005
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its not thizzelin... it.. i was "thizzin"
i was at this club and i was thizzin.. it was fun
by Michelle February 26, 2005
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1 fine sexy negro from nottm. evry1 wnts 2 giv im hed
look at that tieece id av im any day
by Michelle February 3, 2005
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