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George H. W. Bush
Who would have ever thought such a retard would win the election?!?!?!
by Michelle May 24, 2004

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Sixties rock band from England. The most influential and successful music act in history. The Beatles hold the record for the most records ever sold, with 1 billion discs and counting.
The Beatles kick ass!
by Michelle January 23, 2005

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The best drink ever... glory...
" I would like some coffee." "what will it be..?" "Medium double double"
by Michelle December 12, 2004

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Someone you can totally be yourself around and not give a care in the world about your actions or feelings because they won't judge you for the stupid things you may do or say.
My best friend, Brett and I used to hang out all the time but things changed.
by Michelle December 27, 2004

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To do something for amusement or to annoy someone else.
Let's just do it for shits and giggles.
by Michelle April 19, 2004

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the coolest place ever
i wish i lived in hawaii
by Michelle June 28, 2004

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Well, drums are the shit! I strongly agree with myself.. it would be odd if i didnt..but yeah drums are cool Funny fact is is that most guitarists want to play drums and most drummers wanna try guitar!
Wow, you know that michelle girl.. she plays awsome on the "drums"
by Michelle January 04, 2005

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