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Damn, there's a shnugit at 3 o'clock!
by Michelle March 9, 2004
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a hawt hawt boy named sung who is a going to ACE is SATs on December 4th due to his sexy-ness.
He is the sung SLUT


that sung SLUT is so god dammn sexy!
by Michelle December 3, 2004
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It is like how hoes u got or how many nihhahz u playin
I had to hang up on my work when my hubby walked in the room
by Michelle March 24, 2005
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crazy upset. Shortening 'crazy' to 'cr' and shoving it in front of a word in order to save valuable fractions of a second. See crunk.
I'm crupset with you, you jerkface.
by Michelle May 8, 2005
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a conused woman
hunny im confunkaled...come figure me out!
by Michelle March 7, 2003
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