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Simple plan is a band from montreal canada. they're pop/punk.not punk like real punk which is rancid and all that stuff. I first heard of them on much music. they're hated cuz they're on mtv this is stupid now everytime a band goes on mtv people hate it. like my chemical romance has been on mtv blink 182 has been on mtv and peopl hate them now that's just stupid. You losers who hate them only know a little bit of songs. I love them because they are themselves not what genre they are because i dont fucking care. And if u havent noticed shutup by sp is sent to sp haters. so shut up and go listen to bands u actually like.
Simple plan is a great band who just write about their experiences.
by Michelle February 18, 2005
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The most talented 14 year old singer out there.. More mature than Aaron Carter. Which is sad.
by Michelle December 19, 2004
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crazy upset. Shortening 'crazy' to 'cr' and shoving it in front of a word in order to save valuable fractions of a second. See crunk.
I'm crupset with you, you jerkface.
by Michelle May 8, 2005
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a conused woman
hunny im confunkaled...come figure me out!
by Michelle March 7, 2003
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Damn, there's a shnugit at 3 o'clock!
by Michelle March 9, 2004
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