a euphemism for those who do not like the term 'second-hand'.
He has a pre-owned car. He has just bought it from his friend.
by uttam maharjan February 27, 2010
In computer gaming, being pre-owned is being given the fact that no matter what, yo' ass is gonna get sacked.
Dude, I pre-own you in cs, don't even try
by Sam A.M. October 18, 2003
Noun- Good pussy that has had a previous owner, but is still high quality, luxury grade pussy.
Tom - How's Lisa treating you?
Will - She is very fine man
Tom - You know she's not a virgin right?
Will - Yeah, but that girl has Lexus Certified Pre-Owned Pussy.
by Dr.St4ng3L0v3 December 27, 2011