Code for a person of the African American Race, mostly used at Hechts Security. Or shortended to T1 or when being made fun of T1000
Brad: Hey we have a Type 1 stealing a hand bag.
Berry: Ok I will go tackle that T1 right now.
by PAndrews July 02, 2005
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When your pancreas doesnt work at all, but it IS NOT your fault. Type 1 is when you are not a fat ass and eat yourself sick. Its when your body goes apeshit crazy and kills itself staring with your pancreas. funnnnnnn, eh?
"So you have diabetes? but youre not fat?"

"I have type 1 diabetes dumbass..."
by MadiMay August 20, 2011
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The kind of diabetes you're stuck with for life and get out of sheer bad luck. Since only 10% of diabetics fall into this category, it is also known as the type of diabetes nobody knows or gives a shit about.
Me (eating salad after workout): Well, yes but it's Type 1 Diabetes and I manage it quite well.

Jackass (eating Doritos and Mt. Dew): That sucks, you really should've made healthier choices.

Me: You're right. Next time I'll pick a better pancreas.

Jackass: $50 Gazillion was spent on creating a way to solve the diabetes problem in our country, you should be happy!

Me: All of that money will be spent on trying to keep fat people out of McDonalds.
by osm0sis April 24, 2011
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A disease the fucking eats ass. It’s a cycle of blood tests, needles, low BG, disgusting hypo treatments, hospital appointments, emergency calls to Medtronic because their sensors are shit, high BG, going to conferences where ‘experts’ tell u crap you already know, pretending to actually care every time ur parents tell u to check ur active insulin, literally being told by teachers to turn ur pump down, always needing a bag with u to carry ur shit that keeps u alive, set changes, being asked wtf ur pump is, your kids having a 50% chance of having the same thing, scarred tissue, waking up in the night because ur being force fed orange juice, having to take ages to go through airport security, being asked ‘so what can’t you eat’, everyone presuming u have type two, having an even bigger risk of heart disease going blind or having a foot amputated, having a low immune system so getting colds all the goddamn time, barely remembering wat it’s lyk to be normal and living with this knowing there’s no way it will end because ur stuck like this the rest of your life.
I have TYPE 1 diabetes , type two is for fat or old people
by Ligament October 22, 2017
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A misunderstood type of Diabetes where your fucking pancreas had one job - to produce insulin.

Because of the cunt-cock shaped pancreas, type 1's need to inject insulin every time they eat or drink stuff with carbs in.

It is not caused by sugar.
Uneducated fuck: "Did too much sugar cause type 1 diabetes?"
Type 1 diabetic: "No, you fucking moron."
by AngryFuck February 05, 2017
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Type 1 fun is just plain fun. Simple, uncomplicated fun. It differs from 'fun' because it implies that there was a possibility for type 2 fun or even type 3 fun to have occurred instead.
a: "So, how was your boss's BBQ?"
b: "Oh, everyone got plastered and played twister. Proper type 1 fun."
a: "See, told you it would be fine."
by jonp March 05, 2014
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