A Boon; a fucktard.

A general annoyance to everyone everywhere she goes.

Also really a little boy named Andrew who repeatedly gets owned on the Boundary Mists.
Nixon just owned that Boon fucktard Frisk for like the twenty-fifth time this week.
by Biermaken April 1, 2004
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Middle-school slang: to reach down a girl's panties and finger her.
"I heard Keith frisked Mandy in the back seat of her dad's car."

"After they had been making out, Jill asked Taylor if she wanted to frisk her."
"My mom caught me frisking my girlfriend in my room."
by FriskyFank February 4, 2017
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a place, situation, or thing that is not desired.
man that natty ice is some frisk shit!
can't go to my house tonight, it's frisk.
by Anonymous July 20, 2003
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character from undertale that fucks up the general laws by flirting with people twice her age. also means to check for drugs or weapons.
the suspect lifted up his arms so the officer could frisk him .
your names frisk huh.
by gowdurallfucked October 9, 2017
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adj.an example of perfect


verb.to perfect something
hey, look at frisk
by phrysc April 2, 2004
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a genderless human, often portrayed as female who is also often shipped with sans or sometimes asriel
Frisk is the embodiment of determination
by Shatter!sans March 12, 2018
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