Frisk, the genderless child you play as in undertale. They can be heartless and cruel in the genocide run or kind and flirty and merciful in the pasf
Frisk just killed everyone in the genocide run.
by Dictionaryjolt April 13, 2018
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Frisk is Australian Police code and also Australian slang for either a undercover police officer or someone who is a police informant or someone who is happy to just feed police information about criminal activity.
Police Officer:"have you got confirmation from our frisk ?"

"Be careful I heard James has turned frisk stay away from that frisk"
by JohnNada February 13, 2021
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Frisk is well known to be a person who touches kids predominantly boys they are known to do this because they are born with very small penis and because of this they are a dud root and females can't stand to fuck them so they end up becoming frisks
Hey sharee your husband James is a frisk the dirty bastard frisked my son's ass last night
by JohnNada February 18, 2021
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When a croquette contains prawns and cheese and is eaten the morning after it is bought; you frisk.
by Tarts on Tour March 10, 2014
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The main protagonist of the hit RPG, Undertale. This character is usually silent and is controlled by the player.
A nice name.

- Asriel Dreemurr
by YoshiGPLS January 9, 2023
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The act of shaking your head, in most cases against your will, after taking a shot of alcohol.
That shot of whiskey made the man frisk his head.
by TheFiend138 March 6, 2015
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A genderless kid from Undertale who loves striped sweaters.
I don’t think we’ll ever know what their eyes looks like.
by K0TOZ May 23, 2021
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