Undertale is a game created by indie developer, Toby Fox. In it, you can choose to either spare every entity that appears before you, or slaughter them mercilessly. It has multiple endings, a fantastic soundtrack, and although it doesn't have the best graphics, its story, wittiness, and humor make it a very enjoyable game.
by killermoobs January 28, 2016
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An RPG game made by Toby Fox, has the bullet-hell style but also has one of the worst communities people ever known, making so much hate to it. The storyline is fine though. The acronym is UT(UnderTale).
UT player: Yo, you played Undertale?
Someone: No.
Ut player: You should try it out!
by r1dfgamez August 24, 2018
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A game made by Toby fox that broke the hearts of many, with its amazing storyline, awesome characters, beautiful soundtrack, and graphics.
Undertale broke my heart

And also gave me a permanent fear of flowers
by Kurn_DAWGZ November 19, 2015
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An adventure RPG made by indie developer Toby Fox. It has a diverse and engaging storyline that has many paths to follow, and many endings as a result.
Hey, you should try genocide for your first play on undertale!
Nah man, fuck that. Pacifist has a better ending you dickwad.
by ArmedDolphin November 1, 2015
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A RPG game,in wich you are a fallen human into the Monsters World.
by asriel99 November 8, 2015
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Meme game made by indie developer Toby Fox. Undertale became such a big hit that Toby's now swimming in cash and laughing at the retards who spent millions in making a game that sold less than his.
by KajurN November 24, 2015
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A fucking awesome game based off, Earthbound. Realeased 9/15/15. This game has many secrets such as... W.D. Gaster (spr_mysteryman_1, spr_mysteryman_2, spr_mysteryman_3) and the lava guy room (i like to call them "Lava Guys"), Napstablook's house (dont know where its located), and the room that represents Toby Fox, the creater of the game.
"No mom, im playing Undertale! Sans is kicking my butt right now!"
by that_skeleton_guy_sans December 17, 2015
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