A word used to politely describe someone that is incompetent.
It's all right Allison, she's touched.
by mamma murder November 17, 2010
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Another way to say that someone is not quite "right" in the head. Usually accompanied by a knowing look and a nod along with the hand lightly tapped to the forehead.
Fred would say about Lamont "That boy is touched" if he hooked up with a white girl.

Or if you are trying to explain why you fizzled something at work, you could pat your head and say "I'm touched"
by G Man December 30, 2004
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A person thats not quite right in the head or insane is touched, the word should be said whilst pointing towards the head.
Boy: Today gemma scooby sat on the floor and sang to herself.
sister: Gemma... Is that the girl thats a bit touched, touched by an angel
by White Wicca March 12, 2004
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“touched” is a metaphor for being stabbed.
How many times have I touched them kids, the whole opp blocks been molested?
by thewholeoppblock February 25, 2020
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someone who's just a little extra f*$ked up in a very wierd/almost non-tolerable sort of way.
Many people thought the works of Picasso, Van Gogh and Igor Stravinsky were touched because they grasped concepts that were very hard to understand for their time.
by planarianzero February 22, 2003
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to be recognised by God (or some other higher being) as significant
I was born to raise hell, a nigga from the gutta
Word to mother, I'm touched
by hendope December 13, 2018
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