Frisking : A term used by those around the borders, Scotland (eyemouth, galasheils etc) meaning joking/messing around!
" I don't mean it, I'm only frisking with you"
by Moninns January 18, 2015
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transitive verb: frisked, frisky′·ing

1. to annoy by continual arguing about things only the Frisk himself finds interesting at the time of conversation.
2. to keep troubling, worrying, etc. about useless things usually introduced by the Frisk's paranoia.

Etymology: < At the beginning it was uncle Frosties and uncle Friskies, but one day the nick Friskies perfectly fit a person (for its offensive content, coming from pets food company name) due to his inappropriate behavior when having friends over. From Friskies to Frisky the evolution is very slight and came not to let intend the dog food origin..
* to frisk: He was friskying me so bad about family guy's quotes i had to leave or i was going to kill him.

* Frisky: Hey, you, Frisky! stop friskying me!

Adjective modifier

* little: Even a little frisking about Bad Religion lyrics can be a pain in the ass.

Modifies a noun

* lyrics, habit: a frisk (aka friskying person) can't avoid continuously showing you frisky lirics for you to read, either any other annoying frisky habit.

Modifying Another Word

* constantly: If you go to a Frisky apartment you can be constantly frisked for as long as you stay.

* always: If John never goes to Frisk's house because he always frisks him and never ever stops, who is in the wrong?
by shakalakanfriend August 24, 2008
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A fat old science teacher that foams out of his mouth and doesn't teach for shit.
He must be a Friske

That foam guy.
by Mr. Friskes mom January 20, 2017
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The act of ramming one fist down your own or another's throat and the other up the respective ass, all the while attempting to compress the organs and tissue in between the fists.
Dave thoroughly enjoys The Frisk after a hot soak in the bath. Sometimes he is able to coax others to take part in The Frisk as well.
by Turkey Bag November 1, 2012
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Another name for TSA's secondary screening 'enhanced' pat-down that involves palming genitalia and cuping/twisting women's breasts.
Hey Tom, did you go through the backscatter x-ray porno microwave machine at the airport?

Nope, I opted out and got a Freedom Frisk instead.

Oh man, did they at least take you out to dinner first?
by urbandict0rx November 19, 2010
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A euphemism used to make airport patrons forget they are being fondled by a security guard. Said to be used to check people for hidden weapons, but we ALL know what they really want to grab.
Geoff: ...I think I've just been molested...

Craig: What?! Why?

Geoff: ...I just got a TSA Frisking...

Craig: Ooooh...
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