when a girl is really super sexy or is doing something really super sexy.
when you see a fine ass girl in the mall you would say ooh " damn girl"
when you see your girl bending over you say where she can hear "damn girl"
by Rubain June 20, 2005
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The start of a really cheesey pick-up line.
*Damn girl,* are you from Tennessee? Well you’re the only ten year old I see!
*Damn girl,* did you fall from heaven? Because you look like your face broke in eighteen places.
*Damn girl,* I just lost my phone number, and my social security details.
*Damn girl,* do you have an oxygen mask? Because I’m FUCKING DYING
*Damn girl,* I’m new here, can you give me directions to the nearest AA meeting?
*Damn girl,* if I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put D, I, C, K, and S together.
*Damn girl,* is it hot in here, or is it just climate change?
*Damn girl,* are you tired? Because I slashed your tires.
*Damn girl,* lucky I have my library card so I can slit your neck!
by Well, shit. December 26, 2017
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Origin of Language: Ebonics

It is an expression used when a gentlemen finds a woman with a nice ass attractive.
It is often used when other subtle words are not enough to express what is making their erection uncontrollable.
Usually this expression is opinionated loudly so the other sex can hear and give them a reply of anger or consent.
Damn girl how'd you get all that in dem jeans, dem jeans?
by indemjeansdemjeans December 22, 2011
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The Phrase you say to women with breast the size of Double D's.
Boy:(sees girl with big boobs) DA DAMN GIRL

Girl:excuse me?

Boy: i was admiring your tits girl

by Stephonhimself November 28, 2009
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The moment when you judge someone while drinking something, it tends to be on a mug. A normal *sip* tends to happen when you judge someone briefly. Either as a joke or because that someone is the joke, but a *big sip*, only when someone has done something fucked up in your presence. You proceed to drink a *big sip* to have enough time to judge the fucker.
A friend is checking out a six-year-old from the terrace of the cafeteria you're in, you look at him and grab your beverage. *big sip*
Stop Sipping That Big of sip you drunk mother fu****, Damn Girl Big Sip
by Abyss03 June 13, 2018
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Girls who cant keep shit to themselves and who love to cause drama amongst their fellow peers.
by Hater March 22, 2005
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