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A term used to identify any noun as being suspicious.
I don't trust Joe, he kinda suspect.
by Al January 11, 2003
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an extremely sketchy individual or situation that raises suspicion, or any comment made by an individual that causes uncertainty and/or awkward situations.
Sean: "Yo Michael, you heard Old Man Jenkins was at Michelle's 4th birthday party?"

Michael: "That's suspect as hell. WTF"

James: "Bro I finally caught two squirrels yesterday."
Billy: "Why were you trying to catch squirrels?"
James: "Don't worry about it........"
Billy: "That's so suspect......"
by Livingbakedashell February 15, 2011
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A guy that you think is gay, or is acting verry homosexual.
1. (Benny) Man this guy is such a suspect.
(suspect) Hello possums....
(Cridder) Definately a suspect!

2. (Benny) that dude is acting suspect man.
(Cridder) For sure look at his limp wristedness.
by Cridder November 20, 2006
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a term used to describe somthing that you do not trust.
"this car looks good"
but the other one looks kind of suspect"
by camel May 07, 2005
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person who's sexual preference is questionable - gives others reason to be suspicious of his/her heterosexuality - gives off homosexual vibes and displays characteristics common to the homosexual community
Look at the way femine way that Gary walks. He's a suspect.
by Sir D November 22, 2003
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The word "suspect" is meant to suggest that somone is believed to be below par. They are hiding something or are believed to have a serious character flaw which makes them undesirible as a friend or acqaintence. In some areas it is primarily used to describe a feminine man or a man who is not feminine but suspected of homosexuality or other sexual deviances. Most commonly used to denote suspected homosexual tendencies.
"Suspect" in the frame of hiding something

Man 1: Hey, you going to sign up for the comapny life insurance man?

Man 2: Nah, I am not sure yet. This application is suspect. Why do they need to know if you are a minority or not before they will grant you insurance??

"Suspect" in referring to homosexuality

Man 1: We are on our way to the party but our car is full, why don't you ride with Tommy.

Man 2: (Laughing) Hell naw, that nigga Tommy is suspect as hell. He might try to put grape jelly in my booty of some shit. I am riding with you guys. Make that fat girl ride with him.
by Johnny Bravo April 23, 2005
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A man who shows signs of being homosexual.
Guy#1: Dude, do you see Derrick and that man-bag?
Guy#2: Yep, he's totally suspect.
by Bonanza69 October 15, 2007
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