A term used to identify any noun as being suspicious.
I don't trust Joe, he kinda suspect.
by Al January 11, 2003
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an extremely sketchy individual or situation that raises suspicion, or any comment made by an individual that causes uncertainty and/or awkward situations.
Sean: "Yo Michael, you heard Old Man Jenkins was at Michelle's 4th birthday party?"

Michael: "That's suspect as hell. WTF"

James: "Bro I finally caught two squirrels yesterday."
Billy: "Why were you trying to catch squirrels?"
James: "Don't worry about it........"
Billy: "That's so suspect......"
by Livingbakedashell February 15, 2011
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A guy that you think is gay, or is acting verry homosexual.
1. (Benny) Man this guy is such a suspect.
(suspect) Hello possums....
(Cridder) Definately a suspect!

2. (Benny) that dude is acting suspect man.
(Cridder) For sure look at his limp wristedness.
by Cridder November 20, 2006
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a term used to describe somthing that you do not trust.
"this car looks good"
but the other one looks kind of suspect"
by camel May 7, 2005
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person who's sexual preference is questionable - gives others reason to be suspicious of his/her heterosexuality - gives off homosexual vibes and displays characteristics common to the homosexual community
Look at the way femine way that Gary walks. He's a suspect.
by Sir D November 23, 2003
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When a male white/black/tan or brown is doing some gay shit but your not sure enought to call his ass a FAGGOT !
ronnie: hey tiff i was with the guys yesterday & we were talking about which rapper is the best looking in the game cause i need to start getting bitches soon or...

Tiffany: or what... ? nigga you suspect !
by DedaB March 10, 2011
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a person who makes other people think things about them... whether its true or not
1) If a guy buys Mariah Carey AND Destiny's Child's cds just to listen to the music (and only to listen to the music mind you), then he is suspect for being gay
2) If your friend has blood shot eyes, pupils are baked, and always scratching his neck, then he's a suspect for bein a crackhead
by Destinee aka DiZzY May 8, 2005
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