When cops and security search you for drugs and guns by feeling you all over from behind
The big, tall, muscular security guard leaned right down behind me and felt me all over because his orders were to frisk me.
by ilikepoopinmymouth March 8, 2005
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To say “fuck it” and risk something. This “something” can include your faith, your job, your family, your responsibilities, your your reputation, your mortgage ...
Usually said and done in a situation that you know you only have one chance of perfecting and then its likely to go downhill from there.

Most commonly used after YOLO . Also see: I’m here for a good time not a long time
Friend#1: ...”Yo dude what you did at that party last night? AWESOME”
Friend #2 “yeah, but unfortunately I’m gonna regret it tomorrow”
Friend # 3: “ what made you do it in the first place?”
Friend #2: “I’d thought I’d frisk it.”
Friend #1 :”..Huuhh?”
Friend #2: ”You know,...say “fuck it” and risk it
by Whatchu December 14, 2018
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Defined as faking ones relationship online with them selves. To an extent it becomes sad, and pathetic.
There goes he goes again, pulling a frisk.
by VenomousCupid December 30, 2021
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An event where you have fun, and have a good time.

It can also be used to describe a person, meaning they are fun, and "a good laugh".
Sliding down those stairs head-first on an air mattress was a frisk!

I always have fun with Dave. He's a frisk.
by Col April 23, 2004
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the BEST friend you will ever meet. frisk is an amazing person and if u are their friend, u should feel honoured. they are unreplaceable.

also frisk is very hot and swaggy
person a: this is my friend frisk
frisk: hi
person b: damn, ur lucky to be friends with them
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To be touched everywhere by a cop looking for the his friends
Oh my god! Bethany! When that cop frisked me he found his best friend Jeremy in my butthole! You told me it was a good hiding place! BETHANY WHAT THE FUCK!!!!
by Camadillion February 28, 2016
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On the 20th of October, 2012, frisks was permanently silenced on www.neopets.com as a result of corruption in the world of Neopia. The Neopets team believes in a dictatorship labelled as a democracy, and their activities reflect much of the political activity between Romney and Obama in America. Frisks, also known as Ariel, has some amazing tattoos and piercings and is a cool ACer. She believes in getting Neopet tattoos, and hopes for a yellow Blumaroo on her knee some time in the future.
Person 1: Did you know that frisks has four hearts?
by Neopetszor October 20, 2012
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