this is when you smoked a few blunts, and you high as hell.
we was blowin so lovely today, im lifted as hell
by shawnice July 9, 2006
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"dude i am SO lifted right now"
"me too dude."
"wanna roll another one?"
"Yeah I'd dabble."
by dramaticartist23 December 21, 2013
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the feeling of elation or flawless bliss. raised up to weighlessness and carefree living.
got me lifted, feelin so gifted... suga suga how you get so fly
by thee radical elcectic September 15, 2006
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When the waiter or waitress removes a diner's plate from the table before the other people at the table are finished eating.
"I'd literally just put down my fork and he lifted me!"
by Jontjo January 25, 2017
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when someone steals your stuff
if you leave your doors unlucked yo shits gone get lifted
by rov3rt August 23, 2004
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When a vehicle has hydraulics; see also juiced.
Damn, eh, that fool just got his Caprice lifted.
by wastinmoola January 24, 2004
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