Nixon, where do I begin... Nixon is one of the nicest, funniest, energetic and good-looking person you will ever meet. Nixon has a laugh and smile that could light up the night sky! He is a fantastic boyfriend that will alway compliment you in anyway to make you feel special, and he will always be thinking of you and drop everything to be with you! And watch out cause if its your birthday he will buy the whole store for you! Nixon will not only do this for his girl but for his friends too!!! A person named Nixon is usually born under the Virgo star sign, meaning that he is very social, family orientated and loved by all of his friends, maybe even a girl... Nixon is a very passionate person with a lot of feelings but is strong enough to hide them, but when he trusts you he may open up to you and you will instantly fall in love with him as an awesome friend or crush... Once you talk to Nixon you can never get enough of him! But if something you do that effects Nixon in the wrong way, he may/will leave your friendship or relationship and you will feel terrible because its like you lost your best friend! Even though Nixon is an amazing person he has the ability to block you out forever, so don't lose him like some people have! But on the other hand he is very athletic and friendly to all, wanting to make new friends everyday that goes by as well as looking after his family. Nixon is loved by everyone who meets him, and the ones who don't are simply jealous of him!
by APerson<3 October 19, 2017
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A Nixon is a very cool person. Although people often think Nixon is a boy Nixon can also be a girls name. REMEMBER NIXON IS NOT JUST A BOYS NAME.
Person 1: to did you know that Nixon is a unisex name!

Person 2: dude no way, that’s awesome!
by The actual Obama June 11, 2019
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A really cool wizard. He has a really old soul and is too horny. He’s a Sagittarius so you know what that means. He can’t stay in one place, always wanting to do something. He loves freedom and can speak the truth. I think he also seeks knowledge too. He often judges too quickly. He calls himself dummy thick and loves the beauty of nature. Not very open about his emotions even though I would like him to but can be open as a person. He is socially awkward and antisocial but a very cool person with an interesting perspective of the world which I don’t see that often in many people. He loves his music and consider himself a music nerd. He plays a piano and is good at it. He also writes stories and draws. He is a creative soul by not just art but his beautiful mind too. And his writings! He has his ways of being creative and I like that. And he’s a furry..uwu.
Nixon is a very cool nerd . 🌱
Nixon, thank you for being in my life <3 I really appreciate it.
by MyBooAsian June 17, 2019
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(Verb) A variation of a motorboat. While a man is shaking his face between two breasts he will hold up peace signs and say "I am not a crook!"
He started to give me a motorboat but then he started giving me a Nixon
by shazwald February 2, 2010
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Dick ‘n’ balls
Person a: Ya’ll my Nixon is is a bunch!

Person B: damn bro that’s kinda sus
by candace_is_hot_af January 15, 2022
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A man who attempts to engage in intercourse without a condom without his partner's awareness... i.e. a tricky dick.
"I don't think I'll be seeing him again. He's a total Nixon."
by tra4 February 14, 2012
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She only likes him for his large nixon.
Suck my nixon!
It looks like his nixon must have gotten caught in some farm machinery.
by MaxWilson October 20, 2008
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