When you draw ugly hair, a mustache, or a penis or whatever on a picture of someone either in a magazine or a photograph.
Mom! Jessie totally dog frisked my school picture. She made me look like a monkey with dread locks with a dick in his mouth.
by Boobmcgee February 14, 2010
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at night to go on ice and play with sparklers or fireworks.
Morgan brought up the amazing idea of what to do Friday night. Gianna said, "let's all go night frisking at the small golf course pond and with my illegal fireworks!"
by yourmom666666 January 25, 2019
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1. The process men go through every morning to check their pockets for everything they need for the day (wallet, cell phone, keys, etc.).

2. The act of frantically patting oneself down in order to locate a missing crucial item which should be in one's pockets (ticket stubs, receipts, keys, etc.).
Person 1: So when I finally got the check I discovered that I didn't even have my wallet!

Person 2: Why didn't you do a self-frisk this morning to make sure you had it?

Person A: Your ticket stub, sir?

Person B: *self-frisks* I have two quarters here...and my receipt from lunch...and here it is. *hands over*
by SirSpen January 29, 2011
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A defense method against premature ejaculation, a male will pull out from a females vagina, and begin to eat out or finger her instead, to preserve his juices from bursting too fast. “Stop and frisk” can be a subtle way to keep sex lasting for more than 45 seconds
Doug; “ yo you really banged Christie ? She’s so hot I would’ve came in 30 seconds”

Phil; “ hell yeah I slammed her, and I was gonna nut after 30 seconds but did a stop and frisk on her and made it last 15 minutes! Best day ever.”
by Chinookpilot69 April 4, 2021
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v. to "risk" your job while getting busy at work with a hot co-worker in a risque place... say a janitor's closet?
guy #1: My job may be on the line but the sex with that hot new secretary was totally fucking worth it.

Guy #2: No fucking way man, Miri that hot new Latino chick? Where?

Guy #1: In our bosses office on top of the fax machine, I'm positive we faxed pics of our asses to everyone in our building...talk about a Corporate Frisk!

*Guys high five and disperse*
by makingNEWnotches March 28, 2010
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being frisked/searched by multiple police officers/more than one police officer during arrest *example- spokane police dept.*
"man... i got pulled over last night & was arrested for an old warrant"

"what happened?"

"the usual bullshit... got gang frisked & roughed up a little"

"man thats shitty"
by d i z k o 2 0 8 November 23, 2011
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a term used when your "out of your mind" or not right in the head, like when your tired, are having a brain fart, or are mentally impaired by a substance (drug/Alcohol).
Example:1-"dude i dont remember anything about last night, i was so frisking scarffed!"

Example:2-"i have no clue man, i am so frisking scarffed right now.."
by RolyatEornom June 28, 2011
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