An amazing girl. She can be shy at first, but once you get to know her, it shows her crazy side and bubbly personality. She is a very caring , loyal and a trustworthy person. She will put family and friends before herself at all costs. Bethany usually doubts herself, and when thinking negatively, positive things happen to her. A Bethany will do anything to help you, as she has such a kind heart. Any man should be lucky to meet a Bethany and definitely get to know her because she is a very unforgettable human.
Guy 1: Omg, she's so beautiful!
Guy 2: Yo that's Bethany.
by noodlelion December 2, 2018
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A Bethany is a very unique and special person. A Bethany often has a very good voice, but doesn't always want to show it. A Bethany is very smart and understanding and the kind of person you could tell anything and they would understand. Bethanys are also very beautiful. A Bethany is also very athletic and very good at sports often basketball. Lastly, a Bethany is sweet and kind and a person you'd definitely want to be your best friend.
Bethany is so kind, smart, and athletic.
by Tinkle Monkey May 22, 2016
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A very pretty girl, won't break your heart but gets jealous easily. she will treat you nice if you treat her nice. she's a great friend to have and she love to have fun. she will treat a boy fairly, and will always be devoted, she will never cheat. she has a kind heart and loves her friends. she would never hurt her best friend/s, any boy is lucky to have her. she's very hot, and she has lovely hair.
i dunno, but i bet her name is Bethany!
by MagicMissionaryLOL August 11, 2011
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A funny, pretty, sensitive, smart girl with alot to give. She will lift you up when your down and help anyone in need.They are most likely to become singers, actresses or artists. Also are known to be shy in front of large crowds or people she does not know that well.
Sh is an amazing singer! Do you know her?

Oh yeah. She's Bethany!
by Bethanyh151 March 21, 2014
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Bethany is a really nice girl, probably one of the nicest you will meet, she may be a little crazy at times but she's actually really shy. She is a great friend, very generous and very down-to-earth, she won't talk to you if you're a new face, unless you speak first, not because she is stuck-up, but simply because she is shy. She is very sensitive, maybe she's not the prettiest girl in the world but she is beautiful. Bethany has a hot figure under those un-flattering clothes, she has curves. She never boasts and she cares about the safety of others over herself. You should get to know her better.
Bethany is a really nice girl and a little crazy.
by letthepartyrock November 8, 2011
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The girl with thick, brown hair. She is very beautiful, and friendly. She can sing very prettily. She has a love for acting. She can get a little crazy, but look past that don't get annoyed she can actually be pretty funny. By the way she laughs a lot. She is very caring, she is going to get a good boyfriend and never break up with him.
Bethany wants to be your best friend.
by Have a great day ❤B September 12, 2019
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