1. "Did you see "Eric the Eel" swim that 50 metres freestyle? What a shit cunt!"
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The best stroke in swimming! It is also the fastest stroke, and the most popular one. The 50, 100, 200, and 500 yard freestyle are the best races!
Freestyle is the best stroke ever!
by swimlove667 January 03, 2014
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A new age style of passing the pot. instead of a set rotation (using words such as 'duces' and 'traces') you hit it, then set it back down. then who ever wants it next gets it. if two or more people want the smoking apparatus, a game of rock paper scissors ensues. while the game goes on, someone else can get the piece.
Dude, I got second to last this past round. lets go freestyle.
by Wulfy March 23, 2008
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When MCs try to rhyme lines without having it memorized .. usually to dis eachothers in competions. The difference between free style and rap that rap focuses on the meaning more than rhyming .. free style as long as it rhymes it's in good shape and the best free style is the strongest or more powerful or has more impact when said.
y'all lookin' at ma definition .. like we're in a competion
I aint freestyler tryina rhyme .. i'm the boss dawg ya i shine?? Free style
by Beelzebub_n October 22, 2005
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Rhyming to a beat without having pre-existing thoughts of what you are rapping about
urban dictionary is where its at
if you disagree, then you'll die by the bat
dont hate on me cuz my rhymes are phat
or ill take you're mom for supper and bone her in her back
by Donavon March 19, 2005
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