Informal word used by mainly Scottish people to say something or someone is small or little
"aye I have one big brother and one wee brother"
by Juiciest Baby Gurl March 11, 2004
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Used mainly in Belfast, Ireland as a substitute for:

Very small, small, little or tiny.
"Look at that wee man!"


"Do you like her?"
"Aye, but just a wee bit"
by Brendan McGinley April 18, 2004
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letting out your urine
i need to wee
by jimmy stevan October 26, 2016
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very large in size, likes pretty girls,
by mrweewew December 1, 2009
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Used to describe your reaction to something shocking, surprisingly enjoyable, interesting, or anything else that instills an intense emotion in oneself, implying that it's so intense you just can't hold your urine in any longer.
"That makes me wee!",
"So exciting, you might wee!",
"Stop it, you're making me wee..."
by suzi (the mythical tuna) February 12, 2004
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