a fail or an attempt to do something
girl: i got 5 likes on my profile picture it flopped so hard
by stellabarnett March 3, 2015
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tommyinnit and the rest of the dsmp losers.
homosexual: stan loona
floppyinnit: no
homosexual: ok

*a few days later*

floppyinnit: oh no! i’m homeless!!

this is what happens when you don’t stan loona, you will turn into homenotfound.
by yyizhuo February 20, 2022
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To not achieve wanted results or to fail miserably
Katy Perry has never won a Grammy, she is a flop.
by Pop Cop October 26, 2013
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When someone bails on you at the last minute.
"I can't believe she flopped on me."
by J.C August 9, 2005
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A failed attempt.
Something that just isn't going to happen.
Someone who will never succeed.
An idea that has fallen apart.
A home that is just a mess.
I tried to do a back flip off my trampoline, and boy was that a flop! I am now in a wheelchair.
by defininymyworld September 23, 2008
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when a basketball player falls unnecessarily, after little or no contact
Wow, there goes Manu again, flopping after no contact
by getsomemeng May 4, 2010
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