The place that you can see when you are not quite focusing on the world around you. Often is a blank screen that you can project your own thoughts onto.
He was staring into middle distance, imagining the girl he really fancied.
by Myrph March 14, 2005
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The most G type of running there is. ranging from events from typically 600 meters to 1600 meters. These hardass people have to hold an almost sprint for a sustained amount of time with an explosive burst of energy in the end. These runners have to combine mileage with alot of speed work in order to stay boss.
Ay yo what you tryin to run this year?

Man I aint tryin to run that long distance; i'm tryin to use my speed work and make this 800 meter my bitch.

I gotcha, i'm gonna be on that middle distance too.
by joeboy92 June 17, 2010
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A middle-distance relationship, or "MDR", is when two people find themselves living with *JUST* enough distance between them that they can’t see each other as often as they'd like — shorter than the distance between Taylor Swift and Adele's vocal ranges but longer than the time it takes to master the catchy lyrics to Tay Tay’s latest chart-topper. Commonly used for a relationship with a significant other, friend, or friend's pet that lives more than 30 minutes, one bridge or a very large hill away.
Person 1: How often do you see your BFF?
Person 2: Um, like once a month TOPS. She lives all the way in Oakland.
Person 1: Ew. I hate crossing the bridge.
Person 2: I know, but I love her. She makes having a middle-distance relationship totes worth
by LuxeValet March 2, 2016
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