the scent of b.o. left behind by someone who just walked by or left the area
is that Dave's trail that I smell? tell that pig to take a shower already!
by mace February 20, 2005
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the scent of someone's fart left behind by someone walking by an area where others are present to notice it
"I thought that Glenda laid down a trail as she was walked past us, but we found out later the smell really came from her feet!"
by Holly January 20, 2008
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a criminal record; a rap sheet
Luger had a trail that went back 10 years.
by westman November 7, 2003
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When someone bails, talks on the phone, lives, pees rapidly, talks, laughs, smokes, breathes, or otherwise trails it up.
Hey Trails. Why do you keep trailing?" "Shut up. I'm making a pizza." "How very trailsy of you.""whateverihateyou.""Love you, Trails!
by pennylane1116 May 6, 2011
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-Did u see those boot cuts he had on. -Yeah, totes trail.
by Carl Kempe October 16, 2010
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When a weaker guy follows a more aggressive guy in a hope to undercut him by making himself look better. The trailer doesn't have the courage to make the initial approach, but once the ice is broken, he'll try to cut in and act as if he's the better catch.
"Dude, why are you trailing me? If you want her, go up to her first, but stop cutting in after I've done all of the legwork.”
by Hellabored April 24, 2005
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Where someone lives, the routes they take.
“I have new trails

“He’d better watch out I know his trails”
by Parabataimattack February 17, 2019
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