To make up a rap as you go. Could be a battle, a poem, or just a rap.
I sit here spittin weird on this teen geared urban dictionary/
hopin the votes of my definition hit high notes like a canary/
So don't lose your skill and become sick and senile/
And as long as it ain't prewritten its kickin a freestyle/

By Me three seconds ago
by Jake December 19, 2003
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When gentlemen urinate without holding on to there penis. Moving there body to ensure that the trail of urine enters the toilet without any spillage.
Steve-O went for a freestyle wee before playing Sonic.
by Wobinho November 22, 2006
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1) Refers to music (usually rap and sometimes techno) where everything is made up as they go along. In rap, people make up lyrics as they go along, but in techno, the DJ improvises beats and mixes songs on the spot.
2) A move in sports (especially extreme sports) where someone pulls off a stunt that doesnt really follow any guidelines for any regular move.
1)That freestyle music is wicked.
2) I'd like to see more of those freestyle moves
by cojonas August 03, 2004
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noun: freestylability

As opposed to the commonly known definition of freestyle i.e to make up music as you go, freestyle in general means something akin to 'winging' it but in a much more general sense. Freestyling a test would be to make the answers up as you go and largely implies a degree of accomplishment. Getting a 0 without studying is not freestyling. Nor is getting a 100 with studying. Getting a 100 without studying is 'freestyle'. Getting a 0 with studying is just plain sad. Nick Wong is the Godfather of Freestyle and is currently training P.Dir to become the next Godfather; lookout for him
1. Dude did you study? Reply: No! im gonna freestyle this shit!
2. Dude Nick Wong just freestyled his World Lit yo like in class
3. I freestyled my history essay in my sleep
4. Nick Wong to Terence Ter: You can't freestyle for shit (as rightly so)
5. BG tried to freestyle, but could not.
6. 'What?! Uni App is due tml?' Dik cries before rapidly freestyling his uni app while taking a piss
by Freestylability October 08, 2006
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King of Queens- Danny: Still want to sleep in the bed, 'cause I sleep freestyle! (Removes Underwear). Spence: Fine, so do I. (Removes Underwear also)
by bRocMan October 29, 2007
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To have sex without using any sort of contraception.
Man, I got up in Shaneka last night, it was straight freestyle mayne!!!

Me and my man got our freak on this morning, and he wanted to freestyle.
by Terra27 March 27, 2008
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