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something Steve wishes he could be but can only emulate by sitting at his computer late at night.
Steve only can imagine what fun antivirginity is.
by J August 13, 2003
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obviously taxi misspelt, cause i figured that if i sent you to Taxi you would be overwhelmed by yellow canaried people eaters and 4 foot crab stabbers that cant drive...
hot chick' but i like the taxi's
J' mmm, so
hot chick' we can get Caunky ;)
by J April 1, 2005
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tbh means "to be honest" however, it is so overused that its now become common place to see it after anything.
The French come from France tbh.

Miles Jacobson is a complete cunt tbh.

by J December 8, 2004
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the act of completely and utterly raping sumone of their self respect. the recipient of the terrorising is left to felt like he has his trousers down and is taking repeated ass rapings from Lex Steele and Britains entire naval fleet
i terrorised you in a fashion

Look at you, you took a fuckin terrorisin
by J May 4, 2005
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When a promiscuous lesbian uses the same dildo on multiple unknowing partners over a short period of time without protection.
She just found out that she recieved the Texas Vagina Massacre from that hoe-bag!
by J June 13, 2006
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A loyal member to the original Boge Crew II. Co-founder of the Ghost Hunter Weekly Magazine and The Treasure Hunting Club. It is very possible that someday he will become the President of the United States of America.
"The Burn! He's so hot right now!"
by J February 25, 2005
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when a woman in and her hands and knees and the man inverts himself, as to do a handstand and proceeds to loosen her bowels
there was no kickstand on davids bike so hunter king gave him one
by J June 20, 2004
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