Tits that are so huge, they spill out the sides of bra cups and can be seen between the chicks arms and her sides.
She had a tiny waist, but from behind, you could see her tits had major spillage.
by not the momma November 5, 2010
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When classified government documents end up in the personal belongings of out-going political figures.
It is often times difficult to prevent spillage when copies of classified papers are shared/passed between Congressional commitee members. Though inadvertent, spillage does happen.
by talk2me-JCH2 January 25, 2023
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see muffin pants

when you see a person who's pants fit so tightly around their waste that their fat spills over their pants.
person 1 "she's put on alot of weight"
person 2 "i know, her spillage is hangin' out everywhere"
by jx December 7, 2004
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When the cunt's meat sticks out from being fucked by too many dicks.
"I tried to go down on the bitch but that shit all fucked up, she had a major spillage"
by Slippery Slick April 11, 2008
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When you take a piss and zip your pants up too fast, and then a dark warm circle appears on your shorts/pants.
"Dude, did you see the spillage on Joe today"!
by avrgjoe24 February 21, 2017
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An endearing term used to describe any extra boobage that can't be contained . The "container " can include but not limited to bras, corsets, hands , rope etc.

Spillage is usually a hot and beautiful thing.
When I grabbed both my 36 dd breasts with my hands I was surprised at the amount of spillage going on.
by Saneand71 July 7, 2016
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When you are on a facetime call & you want the other party to monologue while you mute yourself for a brief activity (aka piss)
Yo bro I gotta take a piss, spillage

Aight here something I had pinned....
by OG_Serg January 19, 2022
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